5 minuts drive to Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort.



Experience an unforgettable time in Hakuba, in nature


Spend a relaxing and private time at the two- floors private villa.

Enjoy Hakuba with family, friends, and partner without any interaction.

We provides a sense of security and comfort that makes you feel home.

All rooms are equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, and refrigerator.
comfortabe as you were at home.

Easy check-in & check out

If you can get your customer information from the internet in advance, you can enter the room directly without check-in.
There is no check-out procedure, so you don't have to worry about leaving early in the morning or coming late at night.

*Currently, due to the Covid-19, please go to the administration building for check-in.
Thank you for stopping by.






Charm point




Fully equipped kitchen


You can cook with local ingredients you find on your trip.



Washing machine/dryer


You can use it for free. Detergent and hangers are also provided.



Fresh local ingredients


Nagano & Hakuba’s nature has packed,

<Breakfast basket> included.




Parking lot (free)


You can park one car per unit.







Shuttle service

(free, advance reservation required)


Transfer bus is available from the nearest station to the hotel, and from the hotel to nearby ski resorts, etc.
(Please contact us before you go)




Enjoy the great nature of Hakuba

Hakuba shows various face in each season.
Enjoy the four seasons of Hakuba.